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Vernon CMS Help

MARC (standing for MAchine Readable Catalogue) is a format for recording bibliographic information. MARC is the data standard used by Libraries throughout the world that enables them to exchange data.

You can read more about MARC here:

Vernon CMS comes stocked with a MARC Master configuration record, which is a fixed template configured for MARC imports. You can use this, just change the default import file to your MARC import file.  The default template has field mappings for common MARC fields, but you can add mappings for any other additional MARC fields you wish to import into Vernon CMS.

Vernon CMS has a built in MARC-to-XML converter which facilitates the use of the XML Import tool to import MARC records. An XML file is first created from the MARC file, and is then imported into Vernon CMS.

Import File Pre-Conversion radio buttons on the XML Configuration Record allow you to select whether to have pre-conversion carried out on the file you are importing.  For MARC records, select Pre-Convert MARC to MARCXML. For other types of XML you may need to have the system pre-convert the data on import using an XSLT file.

For advanced MARC configuration, see the Validation Routines.