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Vernon CMS Help

Indexes make searching on a field in Vernon CMS more efficient. Not every field has an index, and that is why you have to use a Select Statement to search in that field.

However, there are many fields that are indexed in Vernon CMS, and these can slow your system down. In complex files such as Object, there are many search fields and some of these are only used to describe specific types of objects.

As of version 12.2, each search index is optional. You can switch on or off specific indexes to speed up the time it takes to save a record.You can consider turning off some of these indexes, especially if you do not use a field.

Switching optional indexes on or off

Make sure all other users are logged out of Vernon CMS. If records are changed while their index is updated it can cause issues.

1.Go to the Tools menu > System Maintenance > Search Tool > Optional Indexes.

2.Click on the field you want to add or remove an index for.

3.If it is currently indexed, click the Remove index button.
If it is not indexed, click the Add index button.