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Vernon CMS Help

Standard reports are displayed in the Reporting window under the Standard tab, and are available as Quick Reports.

Add Standard Reports

1.Click on the Report button repbutt on the Tool bar.

2.Click on the Standard tab.

3.Click on the Standard Report Setup button in the bottom right of the window.

4.Click on the last Report field in the table and use the down arrow on your keyboard to get a new empty row.

5.Click on the Options button in the Report field. Portfolio will open.

6.Choose your new Standard report and click OK.

7.If you want your report to be available from another file (e.g. an object report for all objects linked to an acquisition proposal record), click on the Options button in the Available as a Quick Report From field. Choose the relevant file and field and click OK.

8.Click OK to add this report to your Standard reports.