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Run a report

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The Reporting window will first ask you to select an existing report template. If you need to create a new report, click the Create New Template button.

Running a report using an existing template:

1.Go to the Reporting tool, by clicking the Report button.

2.Select the report template you'd like to use from the list of Recent, Standard, or Favourite templates by clicking on it and highlighting it blue.
If the report you want is not visible in any of those tabs, you can click on the More Templates button to open Portfolio and select your template.
You can also create a new report, or edit an existing report template.

3.If you have records open when you clicked on Reporting you will see the Record Selection button display a count of your records. If you would like to choose different records, click on the Record Selection button. Use either the List Manager button, or Search button to select new records.

4.Click the Run Report button on the bottom left side of the window.

5.Click the Screen, Print, or Output to File button to generate your report.  

Quick Reports

You can also run favourite or standard reports from a group of records with the Report menu.

1.Open a record or browse list.

2.Go to Report > Quick Reports.

3.If you have a browse list open, Vernon CMS will ask if you want to use the browse list of records, or just the current record. Select Yes to use the List, No to use the current record.

4.Select the report you would like to run and click OK.

5.Choose whether you would like this report to be on the screen, printed, or saved to a file.

6.Click OK and your report will run.