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User Symbolics

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User Symbolics are calculated fields. You can use them to change how information is displayed in Vernon CMS.

Simple User Symbolics let you show information from other fields that are not available normally.

For example, you may need to include an artist's website in an object label. This information is held in the Web Address field in the Person file and is not available when reporting on Object records. A simple User Symbolic can take this data from the Person file and make it available in the Object file. For more information on creating Simple User Symbolics, see Reporting with Simple User Symbolics.

Complex User Symbolics manipulate and calculate your data in a variety of ways. They use programs called subroutines to perform specific functions.

User Symbolic fields are usually used for Reporting, List Manager, Browser, and User Views. You can use them anywhere in the system where you can choose from a list of fields to display.