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Vernon CMS Help

If a datafile is not secured, all Users can create, view, edit or delete records in that datafile. You can prevent Users or Groups from editing a specific datafile, by editing their Datafile Security.

You can also create default security for Users or Groups. Default security will control all datafiles not already secured (where Users or Groups have specific permissions). instead of securing every datafile, you set a base security level for each Group. For example, with default security you can allow the Public Group to access authority terms, but not create or edit or delete existing terms.

To create a default security

1.Go to Tools menu > System Maintenance > Security Tool > Data File.

2.The Datafile Security window will open. Click on the Advanced Search Button Query button.

3.Choose Secure another Datafile.
If the datafile is in the list, select it and edit its Datafile Security.

4.A list of datafiles will open. Select the first option, AU_VOC <Default Datafile Security>, and click OK.

5.You can begin editing the default Datafile Security. Make sure you give the Supervisor Group the right to view, modify, create, and delete. Otherwise, you will lock yourself out of all default files.

6.Save the record.